A few idea's for FUT 15

Firstly, yes I know that nobody important is going to see this I'm just looking for general feedback as to whether you'd like these idea's or not. This isn't a complaints topic, FUT 15 coins is very good right now and I enjoy playing it. Just some features I'd like to see: 
Silver Divisions: 
I know most people would love this, even if it's only 5 leagues like back in FIFA 13. I personally would love a silver divisions as I'm a fan of silvers this year and it gets boring playing the silver cup especially when nobody plays it. Silver divs has been suggested a few times and I think this would actually be easy for EA to add to the game. 
Lock in wagers: 
Mentioned alot before. But lock in wagers would be really good for those that want to play for coins. Maybe make a maximum wager lock-in of 10-20k so that if something was to happen like a disconnect then you can't lose huge amounts of money but I think this would be a good addition to UT. It has alot of flaws but I think this could be managed in order to make it work. 
Get rid of fitness on cards: 
I agree with fitness being a part of the game in the actual game itself, fitness goes down as the game goes on. but after each game it'd be nice if every player was at 99 again. I'd love to play with 1 team without having to constantly buy fitness cards. It's either that or build a fitness team which I can imagine for many people is really annoying. 
Just a few idea's. Let me buy fifa 15 coins know what you think and put forward any other idea's you have that you think would make FUT even better than it already is.

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