career FIFA 15 mode difficulty

Does anyone else get battered when have the game on Legendary difficulty? i was 3-0 down in the first 30 mins away from home you cant seem to get the ball lol it never use to be like that on other fifa world class is too easy at times why i dont put it on that.
Most of the time it's fine. Challenging, sometimes lose. I don't mind losing fairly, but when the CPU goes into cheat mode, it's ridiculous.
Every tackle goes straight back to them. Their players muscle your players off the ball way too easily, when you don't even have a chance of doing the same to them. Their passing goes crazy and they bang the ball into the top corner most of the time. Also when the CPU is in cheat mode, all of a sudden your passing turns terrible, players make stupid runs, don't mark properly, control the ball or run as fast. The slide tackles while in cheat mode are ridiculous too, they fly in at you from all angles, getting the ball every time and never conceding a foul. Even if they've flown in from behind. 
I always play legendary and Fully manual controls, so can usually put it down to my playing if I lose and I don't mind losing, it's great when it's fair. 
But it's so blindingly obvious when the CPU goes into cheat mode. I think it's EA's Buy FIFA 15 Coins twisted way of evening things up and giving the impression that the underdog might be more up for the game. 
But it's totally wrong and ruins what could be a great game. 
It's so frustrating when you can't get the ball, even after making 15 tackles in a row.

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