EA FIFA stop the unrealistic gameplay please

This game had potential to be great with the online team play, which is what most want in any sports game, hence the reason I didn't even consider purchasing NHL fifa 15 coins
What kills this game is the AI, allowing goals in from distances that would only happen .05 % in reality, all this does is 
Encourage glitch goals by sprinting a little past mid field and shooting making the game play. So 
Unrealistic it makes me sick. 
Penalties are a joke so random. Eliminating the blue hair too wtf is that, either make a game for 10 year olds 
That like scoring from midfield and think that's part of the game , or make one for those that want a realistic 
Game for what we pay for, feeling ripped off.
I like 11 and 12 but 11 had to many crosses and 12 was broken. I went out the other night and bought FIFA 10 and FIFA 10 WC South Africa for PS3. Now I just have to buy fifa coins the PS3 LOL. I paid $12 for 2 games, what a deal.

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