EA please remove park the FIFA 15 bus

It is ridiculous. Ultra Defensive was already bad, but park the fifa 15 coins pc bus? 
What in the hell were you thinking? 
God I boil every time some noob gets a lucky heades and the immediatly parks the bus for the next 90 minutes.Dont know why this disturbs me so much. 
There are two elements which * me off more about this game. 
1. So many people getting lucky from bounces, stupid defender colliding etc etc 
2. When those lucky goals becomes a park the bus fest. 
It used to be, whenever a player got lucky, you could turn the game around. But with park the bus it is 99% impossible. Counter attacks, tiki taka, nothing is effective. It is simply praying that you get lucky yourself. 
Why the hell would you introduce the most disgraceful football method in real life in this video game? 
Have you ever seen anybody get praised for parking the bus and giving the world a boring 90 minute match? What was your intention with this?
Nothing more frustrating than passing around a parked bus for 15+ game mind looking for an opening while it doesn't budge because your opponent refuses to move a defender. 
It was OK before the patch because high dribbling fifa coins pc players could run rings around AI controlled defenders but now they'll home in on your like a heat seeking missile.

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