Error Getting Data From FIFA 15 Server

I've been having some really weird stuff happen on my FIFA Coins this morning.
I played 3 games in a row this morning. In the first 2 the opponent asks to mutual quit straight away. I've never even seen that before until today. Both games I refused as there was no lag whatsoever. Both games got exactly to half time and the clock was counting down but that's the only thing that was on my screen including the background. Then when the clock finished counting down, the game just froze; it didn't go back to the game or anything. I had to Alt+F4. 
The third game got to 60 minutes and then it came up with an error saying "Error getting data from server" or something along those lines. Never seen that before either. What's going on? Anyone else had these weird problems? 
It didn't take the first game in to account but for the other two, it has given me a 3-0 loss and the opponent a win. I haven't even done anything to cause this?? I was only playing this 12 hours ago and everything was fine.

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