Every FIFA 15 game is just the same now

Since the patch. 
They have levelled the playing field. Everyone can now defend so easy with this autotackle nonsense. There used to be a huge skill gap between me and my opponents, now every game is so close that it just isn't fun. I used to kill people with my 433-5. Jovetic used to grab 2 goals every game. Skilling in and out and playing 1-2's. Now it's just blocked out with insane high pressure. I would go so far to say that FUT 15 was the best game I had played. I was holding my own in Division 1 and I felt that if I got beat that it was either because my opponent was a better player or I had made a mistake or on the odd occassion it was down to some randomness. 
The last 4 games I have played have been no fun at all. 0-0, 1-0L, 0-0, 1-1 ... yawn. It didn't used to be like this. You might say that I need to work on my shooting. Fair enough. So does my opponent. 
It's beyond me why EA Cheap FIFA 15 Coins brought out this patch just before Xmas and TOTY as a lot of people will be turned away by this new patch as we have a landslide dislike when there has been any discussion about it. 
I just came up against a pace team with MarcoSau, Ibarbo and Remy converted to CM (lol why) in a 4321. Pre patch I would have destroyed him because none of them have any defensive skills but post patch this was a nightmare as the high pressure auto tackle kicked in full swing. 

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