Free Agent Midfielder/Winger looking for a XB1 FIFA 15 club

General Info 
Name: Dave 
Gamertag: SWYD1875 
Nationality: Scottish 
Age: 21 
Player Info 
Preferred Position(s): fifa 15 coins ps4 RM/RW 
Secondary Position(s): LM/LW, CAM, CM. Can play * but I generally look to pass rather than score 
Strength: Acceleration, short passing, long passing, crossing and long shots (for some reason)* 
Weaknesses: heading, jumping, tackling, strength, tendency to pick up bookings 
Experience (From FIFA 11 to 13**): Team Alpha 7, Exceptional FC, Total Football, TSS FC, Northern AFC, Joker FC, Dignity FC & multiple caps for the iFVPA Scotland team (I have played for more clubs but I've either forgotten there names or I wasn't there long enough to mention them) 
Current Player OVR: 82 at RM/RW, 84 at CAM/CM*** 
Playing Times 
Monday: Available from 3pm onwards 
Tuesday: Available from 6pm onwards 
Wednesday: Available from 7.30pm onwards 
Thursday: Available all day 
Friday: Available from 5pm onwards 
Saturday: Available from 5pm onwards 
Sunday: Available from 7pm onwards 
Generally prefer to play a max of 5 days a week, but willing to play everynight if needed 
*I would put sprint speed but it's been stuck at 81 for a long time and I have to play drop-in since I don't have a club. As you can guess I've usually backed out of drop-in as I usually get lumped with all the idiots that try to do solo runs and don't pass or deliberately score own goals to try and troll or be funny. I swear it's a diamond in the rough if you get a drop-in match where your team actually has good players willing to talk and pass the ball 
**Didn't play Pro Clubs in 14 and haven't played properly in 15 yet. Have played with a team on a different forum but that was more of a messabout. Not as bad as drop in but compared to proper Pro Clubs it was agony at times 
***I know I have a higher rating at CAM/CM than I do at RM/RW, but I feel more comfortable at RM/RW as I've played it longer than CAM/CM and I generally play in that position in real life 
So hit me up if interested or needing a player. If you're a club that communicates through Skype ask me & I'll PM you my username so you can add me 
Prefer if people were to message me on XB1 as I'll most likely be fifa coins xbox one playing a game and not have my attention on my computer so may miss messages on here :rolleyes:

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