How to get better at FIFA

Are you tired of trying to reach division 1 and can't get above of division 5? Are you tired of shooting 20 times at goal scoring no goal but with 2 shots your oponente wins the game? Sick of EA? THEN FEAR NO MORE!!!! With these steps you will finally be master at FIFA coins and win division 1!!! 
The steps are:
-Buy a sweaty team. This most consist on players like Remy, Vela, Ibarbo, Dumbia, Ramos. It really doesn't matter. But you have to got pace. After a while you won't be able to tell the difference from Ronaldo and Messi to the almighty Aubameyang!!!!! 
-If the sweaty team doesn't work just buy a non-rare silver or gold team!!!! This team will destroy any TOTY of TOTS of IF team in a matter of seconds!
-If you play on PS always do L1 Triangle!! This the néctar of the Gods of plays! 
-Get Reus and John Terry. Even with a full bronze team.
-From time to time buy FIFA points. EA loves people who are helping them get more profit, be a good costumer to them!
-Don't shot the ball. You must let your oponente have more shots than you in order to win. If possible put the mode "park the bus" and just counter-attack furiously. Specially in 45 and 90 minutes.
-Play like it's FIFA Street! If you don't like pace just drible the ball like your playing FIFA Street and you will pass every defence like you are Ronaldinho!!
And don't worry mate!!! If you are weaker than the guy you are facing you always have scripting/handicap/momentum, to take you to victory! EA fifa 15 coins is like Robin Hood, they like to help to weaker player by don't giving 2 sh*** about justice! 
After all this finally you will get to division 1 and win it like you are Real Madrid or Barcelona! Congrats mate!! YOU DONE IT!

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