Larger Guilds And Albion Online Alliances

My point is yes they fill too easy. Yes they give back a bit too much (especially at when you consider the high level mats 6-8). But I spent 2 1/2 hours in doing pve run with some buddies and made 800k. When I go out filling books I have 4-6 T6-T7 tools on me. I'm taking huge risks. So much more than just farming with friends. I don't often die because I play the off hour Albion Online Power Leveling game when I get serious about book filling. The reward is a huge pay off. But another thing to consider is all the time and money that goes into that many islands, upgrades, T5 houses and furniture.
Now I have 26 laborers that are T6-8 and about 25 more that are T2-5 between my islands and my guildies' that do nothing with their islands save give me co-owner.
It's crazy to fill those books solo we made some spread sheets of the data very early on.
I know it was mentioned in Road to Release that they will 2x the number of black zones. But as it stands if this game's population were to 4x the zerg alliances that use lock down tactics will kill any competition, in their area, getting super powerful very quickly, and therefore removing any fun for themselves or others in those areas. Seen this over and over again in sandbox games. I always felt like the laborers evened the playing field of those putting the time into running them. IMO the real danger here is that smaller guilds will have to work 5X harder and still fall behind than larger guilds and Albion Online Silver alliances. I do hope they increase yellow zones too. I really hope they don't scare off the player base so we can fill this world to the brim with people. But with the current changes coming personally I don't want to see the game grow. There is enough competition already over limited resources that are very easy to not make it home with.
It just comes down to maker things harder for smaller alliances which in turn will promote zerg alliances which so often ruin the best sandboxes.

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