Launched A Brand New Website On Albion Online

We've just launched a brand new website, just for you! It's a big change from our old website, which was updated about a year ago, but still needed some work. We've added some new information about brand new features like Hellgate, a new tab which holds all of our videos for you to watch all over again by buy Albion Online Gold, and a really cool little icon that looks like a castle and it takes you to the homepage. Based on feedback about founder pack information on the last site, we've also added a whole new more intuitive FAQ so you'll get the answers you need to all of your questions
It's pointless and your wasting your time being angry. This is a feature for people who don't give two shits about pvp and fighting and many of them there will be. Most of you on the forums want to cut each other to pieces and thats fine but at least learn to respect people who are not yourselves. 
Albion Mall is also a video to give information to people who have not seen a previous version of the game to know all this stuff. This point has been made several times and the fact people would hate on farming after reading it does not make sense and is not fair. 
The hellgate annoucement got a lot of positive happy feedback thats all for you stabbers and your happy lol don't berate the game for things you probably will not even use.

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