Legends review thread All you want to know about the shiny FIFA

Hi guys, i'm relatively new on the forum but i have quite a lot of experience with legends last year (tried them all) and this year (apart from Blanc and Roberto Carlos). I m an average/average plus player (sitting in Div1 right now) and i ll be fifa coins ios glad to give you detailled and honest feedbacks on the player you'd like (and others to give their) with value for money and true rating (yeah we can all give 10/10 on the legends). 
My favorite this year is VAN Basten (yeah, ok i forgot the VAN), and his price, compared to others, should be much higher. 
The honest feedback: i have Gullit atm and had Pelé only a couple week before TOTY (looking for him right now). Pelé this year is superior in almost all parts to Gullit (not the case last year) but has one downer, he's weaker than Gullit. So situations where i could cruise with Gullit, i d get shoved off. But he s very fast so you need to adjust gameplay to Pelé and avoid too much contacts (not that hard with his skills and speed!). 
As i m a poor skiller, i was better with Gullit in many situation, but any decent player will prefer Pelé. 
If you skill, Pelé is GOD on a pitch. 
One advantage of Gullit is to start as Striker and i bring him back down in CM position when leading by 2 goals and i sub a fast striker (usually Benzema, for the passing skills). Then you get awsome defence to finish the game and still lethal potential when he runs from the back. 
I didnt like Pelé as CAM but that s probably just me. 
Value for money: well, they have roofed so...
Last year Van Nistelroy was utterly disapointing, a poor-van basten (and he was hard to use). 
This year he has presence in and near box which is just buy fifa 15 coins pc out of this world. I prefer Van Basten for some reasons but i could go with RVN anytime. 
Kluivert was my fav last year before i got Gullit, and i was really gutted this year with his finishing. He s just not worth his tag (similar Brian Laudrup, cheaper and better). 

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