Make mounting and running Albion Online harder

1) Make 1vs1 fights in the open world more interesting. In the last Alpha it was fairly impossible to get someone killed in 1 on 1 fight if they had a mount to escape with. This could be fixed by taking -1000hp away from everyone. At the current state of the weapons make far too low damage compared to the HP pool we are provided. Or make mounting and running harder somehow. I really don't have a perfect example for this, but I would like to have this issue worked on. Making 1 on 1 fights interesting doesn't break the bigger fights in any means. I think it might make them even more fast paced and more skill requiring.
2) Make the GvG more fun. Last Alphas towers were way too powerful, and especially the maps with double towers really broke down the PvP and made it not fun basically. Make towers less of an objective, perhaps remove them completely, or make Albion Online Power Leveling them weaker. This would make the GvGs more focused on PVP and killing each other, which is definitely the fun part of Albion.
3) Make weapons more interesting and more variety to the skill set of each weapon. (I think Devs are already working on this but just pointing it out how important it is to the game). We want to have many skills for each weapon, so it cannot be always guessed what the other guy is running. Also the balance of the each weapon should be high priority. You do not want to unlock the coolest weapon in your opinion and realize that it is utter garbage.

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