Multiple Specialized Albion Online Characters

I also agree that based on what we know of the current LP system, it doesn't really make sense and it's easy to get around with multiple characters. A lot of the desire to have Cheap Albion Online Gold multiple characters and multiple accounts comes from trying to get around the limits of LP. The bigger the bonus from learning points or rested experience, the bigger the desire people will have to have multiple specialized characters. Maybe if it took 2-3 hours to use up 24 hours worth of learning points on a single character it would be pointless to have more than one account. It would take you 6-9 hours to fully utilize the LP for an account. Maybe some hardcore basement dwellers will be able to fully use 2 accounts. The point is, treat the problem, not the symptom.
When I got the founders pack I was reading about a great game where you have only one character and that is you, your actions will be remembered and you should choose them wisely etc. Now we will be able to have more toons on an acc and you ask about multiaccounting now. Same with hardcore PvP game. Some things dont fit your basic profile of your game. Do you guys have a vision for the game? Because sometimes it seems like you dont yet I still hope you do.
Its good that you are willing to Albion Online Silver change but that lack of basic vision of your world where something as important as "one character" idea that probably no other mmo has can get changed so easily - that is disturbing. But maybe its just me since that is the main reason why I'm here.
But I guess we couldnt complain about shared crafters anymore since all you'd need is VPN and you'd be just another fancy multi account player.

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