Naked Scouts Albion Online Blackzone

The fame requirement isn't a bad idea but I'm sure some guilds would be willing to grind a few characters up to keep their scouts.
I think these naked scouts are going to be a bigger problem than they are with the longer time line of a production release. The smaller guilds could flip the advantage of the bigger guilds these to avoid the bigger guild zergs. Just get your X number of scouts out to the Black zone you want to raid, park them at the zone entrances, move your guild to the raid, react accordingly when larger guild shows up. These could be used to AVOID pvp situations-- there could be situations where there are a bunch of different guild scouts at the zones monitoring all actions. Super lame.
The requirement flag makes the most sense imo. The only way around this would be to either own a territory in the zone or bring two characters to the same zone. SI could simply do a re-check if a character logs out in a black zone and then logs in again. I think the 30 seconds is too short of a timer for inactivity.
The requirement could be fame based but that really has no bearing on this situation so I believe that your presented option of Item Value basis makes a lot of sense.
So I am in Albion Online Power Leveling agreement that there is a possible solution there. However, another alternative is to have more 'gatekeeper' mobs before you get to a black zone. It is pretty ridiculous that you can simply run naked to an 'end game' zone. I understand that the problem, equally as relevant, is that if you are required to fight your way to a zone the chances of getting run up on from behind are pretty severe. This is a real issue with the mechanics of the game as they stand.

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