OFFICIAL: 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup to be hosted in WINTER!!

FIFA coins has confirmed that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will take place in the Winter. 
The tournament will start in NOVEMBER and the final will be 18th DECEMBER. 
This decision means that the 2022-2023 seasons for most club leagues will finish later than the normal years. 
This decision has been made due to the extremely hot weather on the Arabian Gulf during the Summer. 
What do you Guys think? 
Edit: Since many of you are asking what will happen to European leagues and ucl etc, the European association for football clubs will demand a monetary compensation from FIFA if the schedules clash. The fixtures will have to be changed about 3 seasons earlier to make the world cup in winter. The season clashing with the world cup will either finish later than usual or start after the world cup. 
FIFA is also trying to make the time for the tournament shorter, this means teams will get less rest for world cup games. This is bad because of the high temperatures there and the high fatigue levels. Basically, players will Be more injury prone which might badly affect clubs. 
A small fact(s): FIFA 15 coins  is the worlds most corrupt Association in the world. Thy also have €1 billion in cash reserves not being used. 
Edit 2: FIFA has CONFIRMED the tournament will take place in QATAR and there will be NO change in the decision due to Qatar being "innocent" in the corruption investigation.

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