Please can someone teach me how to play FIFA again

I've just lost everything, I can't attack, I can't defend, can't pass.. 
I played 4-3-3 with a CAM but I found it left me massively open defensively so I fifa coins play 4-3-3 (4) and it's no different.. 
I play against every game high pressure spamming but the opponent has all the time in the world 
I can't pass with a midfield of Lahm TOTY Kroos and Schweinstiger 
My wingers make absolutely no runs 
My midfield don't work back, if I select off controlling them they literally stand still 
How to people play FIFA like this so effectively? 
They attack with 6 people, then I get the ball and all midfielders sprint back to positions and tackle me? If I play counter attack it's 1 v 6 if I play possession i pass it around until eventually I lose and then it's a 4 v 2 counter attack 
My wingers Reus and Robben are sluggish, everyone catches up 
I just can't play FIFA. I need help, please someone tell me what custom tactics to play 
I literally just can't do anything. Every game is a massive struggle with a team worth +3 Million. I can't play any play style. I stopped 4-3-3- (2) as I said and then first game against that the game high pressures me all over the pitch. Is it the buttons? I'm holding X and R1 is that wrong? Why does everyone pressuring me effectively work yet it seems like my defenders just run for the sake of it? I'm so * these days lose to all my mates I've been beating.. I can't fifa 15 coins play

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