Positional audio for games. Mumble supports

positional audio for over 50 games, including versions of Call of Duty, Battlefield and Counter-Strike. Positional audio allows hearing the audio from the direction of the player in game.
A bit more difficult to set up than similar solutions. The process of generating and/or acquiring certificates can be time-consuming and a bit more complex than setting up a username/password authentication that's found in other clients. Similarly, setting up a server that includes configuring user Cheap Albion Online Gold permission system requires advanced technical knowledge.Awful Notes: Mumble offers better latency and an intuitive user interface. It also automates many of the processes that affect audio quality, making it easy to achieve clear audio.
Cross-platform. Available on Windows, Linux and OS X.Good audio normalization. Mumble includes great automatic volume adjustment functionality that can be used to prevent big volume changes while still allowing good communication.

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