Purchased several Albion Online games

I also was drawn to this game from my childhood runescape classic days, ahhh good times. Kinda feel like i missed out on Ultima Online since thats another game in history that draws alot of crowd here aswell but my family didnt buy our first pc until 2001 and Albion Online Power Leveling was all I cared to invest in back then. Anyways.....enough of my nostalgia rant haha, I have pretty much played or tried every popular mmo since 2001 but have been lacking in interest these past few years in games and just play poker for the most part atm. I might dabble in some hearthstone in the near future as it seems like all the cool kids love it and it seems worth checking out and I have been looking into some fun dungeon crawler games aswell. Just really craving for this game to come out and feed my mmo hunger after all these years though mainly.
Good grief I have purchased several games in the past year in order to hold my MMO/gaming attention. Last year seemed to really, really suck in the gaming department. Everything that was hopeful pretty much fell on it's face. I just finished up a honeymoon experience with WoW: WoD, they did it right but the game is not as good as it used to be in years past. I tried out ESO, Wildstar, Firefall, and several others but none of them were good enough for me to go past 30 days of Cheap Albion Online Gold play/drudgery. I am thinking about investing into Albion Online because Ultima Online was by far, one of the best MMOs I have played.
 I am not sure if this was because the genre was still up-and coming or adolescence, but it is a game I have always based all others off of. AO really seems to have that UO look and feel. I am already backing Star Citizen and Eternal Crusade; I am not sure I have this much time for all these games!! lol  :D Knowing me, I will pre-order AO before 26 Jan!

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