Specially when it comes to MapleStory Soul Shards

Feedback regarding space: Generally I noticed that we have very little space in many ways, specially for characters that are not well established. For new characters I think that's expected, I think letting characters progress over time fun and part of game play. As long as there are free ways to increase inventory over time I don't think the actual inventory MS Mesos system is problematic. 
1. Implement a chair tab
2. Implement a massive chair bag
3. Make more event chairs tradable only within the account. 
4. Make a chair storage that has tons of room 
5. Make the inventory bigger for the set-up tab or all tabs.
Specially when it comes to Soul Shards, they really really really clutter the inventory for me. I like to boss, and obtain new shards almost every single day. Because of inconsistency in ways to obtain Soul Enchanters my Souls tend to expire if i click the shards without having a weapon to put them on first, so i just let the shards rest in my inventory so i can make good use for them. Currently using 20 slots for souls, three are souls rest are shards.
I feel constantly "starved for" inventory space, some is because I hoard to much and have to big expectations for how much a Cheap MapleStory Mesos player should be allowed to hoard and keep. But looking away from my hoarding habits, there seems to be very little space. That might be different for players that hoard less, so I might be blinded by my own perspective here. 

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