Starting a New FIFA Pro is Futile (Isn't it?)

I apologize for taking away from what seems to be mostly a recruitment forum. However, my friends and I just started a Pro Club and have found the early divisions to be relatively difficult. We've gotten as high as division 6, but have run into nothing but teams who have 89's at all of the attacking positions. As a result, we play a bunch of teams who play a 5 man back, ultra defensive, and use their ridiculous speed to attack with only 3 players. 
Having seen a few videos on youtube discussing some glitch that allowed their players to get a +5 boost to all attributes before even playing a game, I am convinced that a large percentage of these 87+ players are not legitimately earned. This is not meant to slam those of you who have put in the time and the effort to get you players that high legitimately. 
Sorry to vent, but I really believe Pro Clubs to be the poorest representation of how FIFA Coins is actually meant to be played. I am sure it is different when you get into Division 4 and better but the abuse of pace and glitches in lower divisions is ridiculous. For the record, I have no delusions of grandeur that we are a division 2 or even division3 team, but I strongly dislike getting beat by players who are terrible but are able to out run you everywhere.

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