System Notifications In Albion Online

What I used to do before that location became constantly farmed out was travel from Kingspool and head north 2 zones, then traverse to the North East sector of the zone (where the big ore picture is on the map) collect as much as my ox could carry then head back south 2 zones to kingspool by buy Albion Online Gold. Pay to fast travel to PillagePort, drop off my materials in the city bank. Fast travel back to Kingspool and repeat the process. I know for a fact that at least 50% of the time I went to gather ore there was a hostile camp waiting to gank players (by paying attention to map, system notifications in chat and listening for sounds of combat/horses/etc.) and they never once caught me. Note: They are always in the forest path just under the North East entrance/exit (to pillageport).
Knowing your zones is probably the most helpful tip but it's also the hardest to learn because it takes time to get a feeling for it. . . either that or you have to run into ambushes/zerg groups enough times that you figure it out the hard way.
When you get spotted by enemy players (and it will happen eventually). Using the evade tactics I mentioned earlier you should be able to create a good amount of distance between you and your pursuers in Albion Mall. But they have horses and your Dash ability has a long cooldown timer. This is where things get interesting.Hopefully you've read this guide and know how to survive any encounter like the boss ass ninja that you are because here's what you'll need to survive that 10man group of red flagged players coming for your booty.

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