The Albion Online's Guild Recruitment On Forum

Judging from what the designers are saying about where they want the game to go, how they want players to interact with the game, and their plans for the future, Albion Online could definitely be one to watch. The Summer Alpha 2015 event starts on June 29, with buy Albion Online Gold open to purchasers of one of the founders packs. The packs offer the now-traditional early adopter perks, along with guaranteed access to the beta tests which will be taking place further down the line. For those prefer not to take a chance on founders packs, the game is aiming for a free-to-play release in early-to-mid 2016.
There is already a fairly robust community with forum membership already numbering over 20,000 before the game has even left alpha, and it can only be a matter of time before major powers in Eve start to flex their muscles in the Guild Recruitment forum — needless to say, there is already a thread for the Goonswarm Vacation Home. How well an Eve play-style will translate to Albion Online Power Leveling to be seen. I for one am looking forward to it.
In addition, the update delivered some Quality of Life improvements, such as the much requested feature to use different chat channels, the ability to force the character to move to a certain location by right-clicking, thus preventing accidental harvesting or looting in combat, and the ability to see if the player is in combat by looking at the character portrait. Finally, players receive better visibility once spells become ready again.

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