The Number Of Albion Online Crafting

Trying to ban all multi-accounting is just going to drive it into whoever has the technical skills to hide it and/or be a whole lot of work for you when you start banning everyone's spouses and siblings.
Also make it so that every character on a single account who has premium active gets full LP. So if someone has 2 premium characters, both get the base amount and the Albion Online Silver premium bonus amount every day. That'll make the people doing stuff like scouting alts more obvious as people won't need 2 accounts for full LP on 2 subs. They could just do it on one account which will cut down the number of crafting alt accounts. Even craft alts are probably going to want to pay subscriptions for crafting focus and LP which means double the subscription money.
Focus your efforts more on curbstomping botting programs and the how-tos of bot detection. That's liable to be a far bigger problem and keep you more than busy enough once this goes free to play.
I have already encounter mutiboxers in stress test first 3 to 4 hrs in game in the high cluster easy to tell from how they are moving and only 1 person saying anything and when you get both of them to talk and say stuff they have the same type of grammar!Very concerned about this now i am fine with 2 chars pre ip as my brother who plays albion online as well is under same ip but he is a casual player.
As long as the has a system to kill spawnable mobs and gather resources over time, there is no way to create a gameplay that doesn't add value if you try to mix max. And due to the competitive nature of most mmo due to gear or achievements buy Albion Online Gold progression, optimise strategy is necessary, this would include get the best of your time and therefore maximise your expertise and tools at your disposal. This means that people who want to push that much, will multiaccount to get an edge. "Professionals" have got 64/128GB RAM machines (probably used also for other games), with multiple CPU config, and multiple 980/Fury equivalent ready to go, they could run many instances in one go, up to 16 for each 4k monitor, automate each screen region, and pretty much take control of many in game resources nodes.

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