The Santa MapleStory Missions

Not everyone check the forums regularly, and when they do it's after a problem has occurred to look for a solution. Despite the bug, I still had enough time to be able to complete the 30 Santa Missions, but I wasn't counting on the last quest which required 4 additional days until I saw a PSA buy MapleStory Mesos on the forums. Unfortunately, after doing the math, I'm just I'm 1 Santa Mission away from completing the whole thing. I've still kept up with it in hopes it gets extended.
As someone who is massively diligent and typically completes the longer events (For example; I completed the entire Pink Bean journal and I even completed the Fire Power journal with only 2 weeks left in the event; having been on hiatus and having to do ALL of the story lines being Friend Story, The Grand Athenaeum, AND Black Haven) I did not have time to finish this series of missions.
You gave us a total of 28 days to complete 40 Santa Missions. That's 10 full days for the original 30, and 3 full days (Plus 1 more extra, so 1 more day) to complete the last quest line. That's 14 days, plus 2 missions for "accidents." That's a 14 day cushion; two weeks to get the first series of quests done to get the ability to do the Santa Missions, plus extra days in case you don't do all 3 Santa Missions (Or if you can't complete them) every single day once you unlock it. That gives us enough time, right? However:
PLUS most people were on Reboot making a character, so hardly anyone was even attempting to do the Santa quest line for the first several days. So, in order for me to even FIND people to do the PQs with, it took me 2-3 days just to complete this portion, because of all the glitches. 

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