This intention sounds great on Albion Online

When i left on xmas vacation getting fame for horsebreeding from t7 t8 was only gained from raising dire boars (250 fame) each... that around 2000 direboars plus learning points to hit t8..i just need 1996 more.
even in release that would take months by buy Albion Online Gold, if not years to collect / buy the piglets plus severals days in the kennel , feeding them every 24h to raise them ( 72-96h? with premium icant remember) ... hope it gets fixed soon... i would like to ride my direbear...
I didnt mind the grind rushing to t7 mounts, but i would like the to see the horse head weight reduced significantly... before travel cost increase i manage to fill 3 warehouse full with head and still destroyed most...
This intention sounds great but actually progression gives you power, maybe not directly but still - higher tier veggies/herbs produce higher tier food/potions = stronger buffs. And the progression is different than any other branches where fame gain scales with tier: gathering, refining, crafting, fighting etc Well it's nice that you can progress using lower tier seeds but the equal fame gain makes it plain mindless grind. Cheap Albion Online Gold encourages overly farmed multiple personal island and artificially increases supply of such items. That plus simplicity of farming makes it least fun feature of Albion... Saw animal 'produced' fertilizers added to the list of upcoming features, that's a good step to improve farming, but equal fame is imo a bad idea.

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