What the hell is happening to the console FIFA markets? Can anyb

I don't understand the prices, but something else I really don't understand either. 
Just read a post about TOTY Di Maria being almost 15m on PS, and he's under 2 million on fifa 15 coins PC, not to mention there's plenty up for sale. In addition to that, i've seen a lot of posts saying the majority of TOTY Cards will end up extinct. Why is that? I mean asides from price, PC has 1/5 of the players yet a stable amount of TOTY Cards up for sale. 
On PC, these are the prices of these TOTY players, and not to mention there's plenty of them and they're far from extinct. TOTY Messi(under 7.5m) and TOTY Ronaldo(Under 13m), and TOTY Robben(Under 3.5m), and at times there's 3 or 4 TOTY Ronaldo's up for sale while also being 6 or 7 TOTY Messi's, plus a lot of Robben's. And, from what I've read, these cards on console are next to impossible to get hold of. 
I don't really understand the extreme prices, but even more, I really don't understand the lack of card availability on console. I know there's more players to buy the TOTY Players, but in addition to that, there's more fifa coins ps4 players opening packs in TOTY so it's not like you don't have enough to go around. 

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