Why is groundpassing so broken FIFA?

I'm really struggling to be consistent with my passes. It feels so inconsistent and uncontrollable. 
A lot of cheap fifa 15 coins times I tap the pass button and aim for a player 3 meters away from me, yet for some reason it goes to a player at the same angle that is miles away. 
Or when you pass to you striker to hold up play and move forward, he's standing there waiting to receive it and when you pass he starts to make a run trying to get behind the defence, with the ball ending up in the opponent's defender's feet. 
Player switching that is just completely random at times, giving you the feeling the game doesn't want you to switch to the right player. 
The worst: tapping Y for a nice through ball....and it pretty much always is JUST too powerful for your striker to get fifa coins to. 
This isn't a rage rant thread. I'm just really wondering if it's because of me (I'm not the best player anyway) or are there more of you out there struggling to get consistent at passing?

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