Yellow Zone Progression Improvement in Albion Online

I have got good news for you, we will significantly increase the spawn rates in red and black zones soon.For fame the problem is not just the spawn rate, which is terrible for higher end mobs. It is also this model that has super low fame which grows over time. The model was clearly inspired by the old UO type model where you could wander around the world and find different creatures to fight or resource to harvest but  Albion Mall
, our new world, is vastly overcrowded for that idea to work. I think the ONLY full fame mob I have ever killed is a fox recently when no one was killing tier 2 mobs. It is counter-intuitive to have a fox be worth 450 fame (with premium) and a wolf or boar be half that or less. And I have been to red and black zones on roams so I think we are playing as intended but there is certainly no reward that is commensurate with the risk. The final factor is that to roam the red and black zones, you need a group. Usually you need a BIG group and you certainly can't fame farm with a big group anywhere in the game unless you think you are going to grind your 700k or much more fame at 50 fame a kill.
The only simple solution to this from a players perspective at this time is more world. If you had 3-4 server worlds running right now then it might be correct for the current population. I know we all want to avoid multiple worlds so there needs to be some more changes by buy Albion Online Gold. This game does not play well when you see more people than empty resource nodes or critters to kill.
A big Kudos to the game designers, I think you guys are doing really good and I think this game will only get better before launch.

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